“Look how much our business has grown? Probably mostly due to our bad-ass website and logo!”

Christopher E. Carver
Aquatic Management Group Partner, USA

Aquatic management group founders with their trainees

Aquatic Management Group is a company from Raleigh, NC, providing pool services and staff training for swim clubs.

The young company needed a visual identity that could set them apart from the competition and express their values and attitude: clean, modern and professional.

The logo we created for them—a swimmer in motion, becoming one with the wave—was treated as a signature in a way. The two tone palette of blue complemented the symbol and referenced the water and the pools. It also insured that it would look sharp and clean when applied to various uses (online on the website, on business cards, vehicles and t-shirts, etc.).

Aquatic Management Group Logo design for light background
Logo design
Aquatic Management Group Logo design for dark background
Logo design for dark background

Next we focused on the website, where all the services on offer were neatly organized and presented, making sure that all the information people needed to find was just one or two clicks away. We made sure all shapes and transitions are smooth and in tune with the theme centered around water and flow. The black background helped accent the photos that accompanied the content, while the colors and logo tied the design all together.

In a short while, we were thrilled to know that people started noticing their branding and complimented them on it. As the years passed, they kept growing their business to this day.

Aquatic Management Group Logo design in various applications (uniform, vehicle livery)
Logo in various applications
Aquatic Management Group Graphic design for business cards
Business cards

We also developed a brand identity and website for their next endeavor, the Greenway Club at Falls River, which also proved to be another successful venture for the team.

The Greenway Club at Falls River logo design
Logo design