Honeyland Documentary Poster design and illustration
Poster design

Poster, website and graphic design for the triple Sundance winner and an Academy Award nominated documentary

Honeyland, the Oscar nominated, triple Sundance winning documentary tells the story of one of Macedonia’s last wild bee keepers and her struggles. The producer & editor of the film, Atanas Georgiev needed a poster, website and graphic design (logo, print design, etc.) for the promotion of the film. After seeing the rough draft, this one image seemed as it both conveyed the essence of the documentary’s message and didn’t reveal the plot: the silhouette of the old beekeeper, walking uphill with her young apprentice following—will the youth follow in the steps of the elderly and respect the wisdom to live in harmony with the bees? The slogan (“If one breaks the rule, everyone pays the price”) serves as a warning should we stray away from this path.

Honeyland Documentary logo design
Logo design
Honeyland Documentary promotional postcard design
Promotional postcard design