Website, graphic design and animation for a children’s book publisher

Skaznuvalka is a children’s book publisher that aims to introduce more emotional, creative, and unusual authors/illustrators to the Macedonian young readers.
Their initial logo of the wizard figure and the stylized lettering were a great starting point for us to develop a unique visual story (based around children’s books and magic) and solidify the branding. The logo was redesigned to be more readable and simplified, as well as treated in both color and single color for uses online and in print.

For the website (, we further developed the story around the brand by creating original illustrations with looping animations for the various sections. We used a limited color palette and the main accent was given to the big colorful illustrations and unique graphic design elements from their books.

Poster design for a children's book review writing competition
Poster design

Then we created an online marketing campaign for the events and products and also helped preparing the new books for print during that year. The design got them the very attention they needed to get noticed and stand out right away.

Next, Skaznuvalka won a grant to do a translation project with many authors, as part of the Creative Europe initiative, so we created a logo for the edition, as well as a series of promotional videos to announce the project. As this needed to be something very eye-catching, we used this chance to animate the wizard character from the logo and make him the star to open the video where authors were greeting the young readers from Macedonia.

Logo design for a children's book edition
Logo design
Animated intro